adidas y-3 super takusan f97496

adidas Y-3 Super Takusan Core Black/ White

adidas Y-3 Super Takusan: an interesting spin on a legendary Three Stripes silhouette

Hard not to notice the upgraded Superstar that Y-3 just released. Though the silhouette remains largely unchanged, the shoe’s materials and overall look to take on a healthy change. Thanks to its imaginative visual flip, you’ll hear and read a lot of “Avante Garde” used to describe this shoe.

Frankly, that’s not an unfair description. The Superstar, this shoe’s very evident inspiration, has taken on several experimental looks. However, very few have been able to pull off a noticeable difference without being too outlandish for fans of the OG.

In comparison, the Takusan takes a lovely nuanced approach to this old favorite. The paneling is going to be the stand-out feature here. Featuring in an Off-White tinted hue, the abstract forms are a visually interesting touch.

More than anything, it’s also very Y-3. Rather than throw on some more fancy materials onto a leather base, the rubber looks to serve a protective purpose as well.

In fact, the whole shoe takes Yohji Yamamoto’s pragmatic ethos seriously. The rubber decor comes together with a canvas base. This combination comes across as more broken down than premium. At this point, we’ve seen enough of the ‘deconstructed’ motif to last us a lifetime. Though still very much in vogue, this look is expressed differently by the likes of Y-3. Rubber overlays on canvas are as durable as they are captivating.

Branding notes come to us here via Yamamoto’s signature on the suede heel patches. And, of course, some of the familiar details remain. The shell-toe is untouched, joining the distinctive outsole pattern in its ode to the classic.

It’s an interesting take on one of the most popular shoes in the world. For all intents and purposes, it also seems to tick some utility boxes. Available now at select retailers like Chmielna20. If you are a fan of Y-3 make sure to check out the latest Y-3 x James Harden Bashyo.

adidas Y-3 Super Takusan (F97496)

Y-3 Super Takusan Core Black/ White adidas y-3 super takusan