Made in England New Balance M1500 JTA

New Balance M1500 JTA now in Beige/White

Clean Beige/White in these New Balance M1500 JTA

New Balance released a new version of the M1500. The New Balance M1500 JTA includes the high quality ‘Made in England’ quality seal. The US-based brand is well known for its ultimate calibre silhouettes and this latest one is no exception.

This latest New Balance M1500 has an easy place in New Balance Classics. The New Balance 1500 Made in England JTA comes with a mesh upper with suede overlays. The beige colour is the most prominent feature of this new version.

Some grey layers appear on the side panels and also on the toe box. Tonal lacing and textile lining are the additional features. The ‘N’ branding on the side and the ‘Made in England’ tagging on the tongue complete the look.

The well-known ENCAP midsole features grey and light brown coloring that way contrasting with the whole white sole and off-white outsole. One of the most interesting features of this latest iteration is, in fact, its shape.

As often mentioned by some of the most dedicated fans of the brand, this particular shape is in fact quite respectful of the model’s original release form. This New Balance 1500 Suede Beige is really on point. Available to buy now at Allike Store.

M1500: since 1989

The M1500 was first released back in 1989. At the time, the great innovation was, of course, the inclusion of the ENCAP midsole design.

One of the shoes distinct features (and one that is way notable nowadays) was the smaller ‘N’ mark on the side. By then, it was really a special characteristic since previous New Balance models all had a large ‘N’ as their top branding feature.

New Balance: super quality

New Balance history is proof of a brand that has managed to validate their price point with almost half the hype. Also worth the mention is the fact that they don’t have as much heat that other labels have.

The history of New Balance, Inc. is one of business savvy and also, and most of all, dedication. In fact, the truth is that betting on your roots – and betting big – is not always a bad idea, it really is smart (most of the times).

The models in the New Balance catalogue are really numerous, but there, however, some iconic releases and models that symbolize what the brand goes through in its history as well what we can expect in the future.

The history of New Balance and its timeline essentially breaks down into several attempts at modernization. Every endeavour from the brand is about doing something that becomes a standard-bearer.

Additionally, it is also worth remembering that New Balance is never afraid of making a sometimes troubled splash (the New Balance 574 S or some of their most recent hybrid models are better proof of that).

Most of New Balance’s models include both numbers and letters, just like this brand new M1500 JTA.

In this particular case, the M implies that this is a Men’s model, while the New Balance M1500 reveals that this is (at least it used to be) a high-performance model for all athletes.

Let us not forget that in 1989 (when it was first released) the M1500 was (more than anything else) a runner.


new balance m1500 JTA