Nike Air Max 270 ISPA Blue Void/ Black/ Terra Orange

Nike Air Max 270 ISPA Blue Void/ Black/ Terra Orange

The Nike Air Max 270 ISPA Blue Void is more than futuristic

The Nike Air Max 270 ISPA Blue Void/ Black/ Terra Orange brings back one of the brand’s most interesting projects. The combination of a popular modern Air Max design with ISPA inspiration is looking to be a promising one. The wild colors certainly don’t hurt efforts either.

The Air Max 270 has been enjoying some time in the sun lately. Nike generally doesn’t have a hard time moving AM units. With that being said, the 270 is flying off shelves despite the current Vapor-craze. This special rendition is sure to amplify that status.

The construction of the upper is fascinating from both a visual and functional standpoint. The brashness of the Terra Orange is unforgettable. The aggressive patterns only help to further emblazon the imagery into your mind. But, it’s all built with purpose. The synthetic overlays here come together with a weatherproof knit upper. The result is a durable and solid frame, lasting through the seasons.

Underfoot, we see a combination of a foam layer and an Air Max 270 unit in the sole. The lacing setup is quite unique for the shoe as well. Rather than the traditional lace-up, we get a more distinctive toggle system.

This shoe’s visuals may be a bit divisive, but the design is straightforward. The functional elements are unquestionable and unrelenting.

Weather-resistant shoes are slowly becoming a bit of a norm in the sneaker industry. Nike’s continual efforts in the technical sneaker section can only help develop this niche further.

After all, ISPA does stand for Improvise, Scavenge, Protect, and Adapt. It’s a hallmark of the function-first efforts of Nike designers these days. Here, it’s resulted in one of the more imaginative pieces of durable footwear in recent memory. Here’s hoping the progressive designs continue to be experimental.

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