Off-White Off-Court Sneaker Black/ White

Off-White Off-Court Sneaker Black/ White

Premium High-Top: Off-White Off-Court Sneaker Black/ White

Looking at the Off-White Off-Court Sneaker Black/ White, it’s easy to spot elements that are pretty characteristic of Virgil Abloh himself. This shoe may look familiar in its shape – and maybe its color – which shouldn’t be surprising.

Abloh has long been influenced by sporty aesthetics. Much of his latest collection, for SS19, continues to play with themes of performance and utility. His designs were even spotted on Serena Williams during a match! And yet, there may not be a sport that has captured the Off-White founder’s imagination quite like basketball.

It’s the nostalgic look of this shoe that gives that off in abundance. It screams 90s hoops, harking back to what many consider the Golden Age of the sport. A soft textile underlay, featuring here in a crisp White, acts as the shoe’s base. On top of this, we see overlays of textured premium leather. The contrasting tones against the White base make the patterns on the leather even easier to spot.

More classic elements come to us via details such as a perforated toe-box and chunky sole. Still, this has ample evidence of the Off-White flair. The vamp of the shoe sports a hanging sheet of fabric that comes with subtle branding. A more overt marker of the Off-White look is the bright Red hang-tag.

The familiar shape and muted colors are an interesting combination. If anything, these design decisions are both safe ones. It’s hard to go wrong with a 90s era basketball shoe approach. But, Abloh takes it a step further by adding his own visual flourishes. Even the smaller notes, such as a suede heel panel, keep this shoe from being too derivative.

All in all, it’s a classic look that elegantly incorporates signature elements of the Off-White visual. If nothing else, it’s a piece of the ever-growing Abloh empire, steeped in hype. If you’re into premium sneakers make sure to check out the latest Y-3 Super Takusan.


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Off-White Off-Court Sneaker Black/ White