Vans UA Old Skool Leather Cabernet and Blanc de Blanc

Vans UA Old Skool Leather Cabernet and Blanc De Blanc

Distinct coolness with the Vans UA Old Skool Leather Cabernet and Blanc De Blanc

The Vans UA Old Skool Leather Cabernet & Blanc De Blanc is a testament to this brand’s staying power. No matter what you do to a pair of Vans, they’ll always demand notice (these Old Skool Checkerboard are just another evidence of that).

The Old Skool is about as standard as it gets for a skate shoe. For most skaters, Vans are going to be the first brand that comes to mind when thinking about footwear options. More specifically, you won’t go long without hearing a mention of the Old Skool.

It’s been the premier skating shoe on the market for as long as most can remember. It’s even been the subject of nearly every major collaborative protect that the brand has taken on.

Here, we see this legendary shoe adopt a small change that translates in a big way. The UA version of the Old Skool takes on a leather upper as its base construction. From vamp to heel, the stitch details are very noticeable and even give off an added premium vibe.

The colorway doesn’t hurt this shoe’s efforts either. The shade of Cabernet comes with an amplifying effect. The understated hue really helps this iteration of the Old Skool stand out thanks to the sheen of its crisp leather upper.

The look may come across as relatively somber – the Old Skool happens to have a long history of very expressive and bold schemes. But, the change of materials makes this almost an entirely different shoe. With that being said, don’t worry, it’s still the same old durable skater model you know and love.

We still see elements such as a reinforced heel section and padded toe area. Of course, no Vans shoe meant for skating would ever be complete without that unmistakable waffle sole. Somehow, no matter what changes their shoes take on, Vans always manage to stay consistent.

Vans UA Old Skool Leather Cabernet and Blanc De Blanc is available to buy now at END. Clothing.