Vans Vault Slip On Black

Vans Vault Classic Slip On LX VLT Black

Rad classics: Vans Vault Classic Slip On LX VLT Black

The Vans Vault Classic Slip On LX VLT Black gives us a look back at the glorious past of a historical footwear brand. Skate culture has been the inspiration behind much of the sneaker industry’s finest. We even see the action sport take on the services of shoes that have been in existence for a long time.

It didn’t even matter if the shoe’s original purpose was, say, basketball. Once skaters loved something, it simply stuck without much questioning. The Classic Slip On model is one such shoe, finding its roots in early popularity. Back in the day, this gem of a minimalist design was known as Styl #98.

It rose from the California based brand’s imaginative designs when Vans were known for just a few notable features. The most prominent bit of that reputation involved the shoes’ soles: Vans were low enough to the ground and provided the perfect board feel.

The Slip On hits the scene and has quite a bit to prove. As always, this was another Vans design that would meet every challenge. The construction is as simple as it gets, representing a three-part mix of a vamp, a quarter, and the heel end.

We see that same look on this latest rendition, with a bit of a switch. Rather than the OG canvas, the Vault crew fit this classic model out in a smooth layer of leather. Still, they make sure to keep with the shoe’s ethos by throwing in some elastic properties and maintain the shoe’s flexibility.

The rubber outsoles are as sticky as the original model from the brand’s earlier days. Finally, the Off the Wall heel tab adds an appropriate touch of nostalgia.

Adding some premium inspiration to the return of this classic, make sure you cop your own pair of these Vans gems! If you are a Vans fan, make sure to also check out the latest Vans UA Old Skool Leather and the Vans Old Skool Checkerboard/Port Royale.