FILA Vault CMR Jogger CB Low

FILA Vault CMR Jogger CB Low

Available now: FILA Vault CMR Jogger CB Low Ladies, are you fans of the “dad sneaker” design? If you answered you, you may want to take a look at this FILA shoe made exclusively for women. Dubbed the FILA Vault CMR Jogger CB Low, this FILA offering comes dressed in […]

Fila Mindblower Black/White/Fila Red

Fila presents the Mindblower Black/White/Fila Red

Back from the 90s: Fila Mindblower Black/White/Fila Red Originally released back in 1995, the Fila Mindblower is all about real 1990s vibes. The oversized Fila logo appearing on the side is just one of the better parts of the shoe’s outstanding visuals. This latest Black/White and Fila Red iteration brings […]