nike air more money gym red

Nike Air More Money Gym Red, Black & White

The Nike Air More Money Gym Red is visually intense

The Nike Air More Money Gym Red, Black & White brings this latest mix of 90s basketball design in a bold combination of colors. This shoe is emphatic proof of the staying power behind basketball sneaker design. The 90s were a golden era for this particular section of footwear, debuting and improving on some of the most famous looks ever.

Basketball itself was also going through a bit of a renaissance. The game was getting quicker and more explosive. Thankfully for sneakerheads, that meant that the footwear used in this sport had to get more imaginative. In that spirit, we get designs such as the Air More Uptempo.

As most of us know, the Air More Uptempo is the signature sneaker of one Scottie Pippen. It was the most imaginative sneaker of its time, bringing together advanced features and all sorts of visual appeal. That mindset comes back to us here in quite the aesthetic.

The Air More Money (seen here with a ‘Phantom’ colorway) brings a combination of two 90s gems to the forefront. The Air More Uptempo and the Air Money are the two subjects of this Frankenstein of a basketball shoe. We can see elements of this shoe that represent each of those inspirations.

The shroud covering the tongue of the sneaker is immediately reminiscent of the OG Air Money – worn by players like sharp-shooters Ray Allen and Reggie Miller in their prime. The midsole’s chunk and impact protection are straight out of the Air More Uptempo’s archives, bringing on some elite cushion.

The overall look represents each shoe’s distinctive style with some justice. Thanks to this interesting colorway, we also get some Chicago Bulls vibes – appropriate when you consider how thoroughly the Bulls dominated this era in basketball.

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