Vans Authentic SF Salt Wash Potters Clay

Vans Authentic Salt Wash SF Potter’s Clay

The Vans Authentic Salt Wash SF Potter’s Clay is a trip back to the brand’s foundation

Vans have always been about a sense of authenticity and sub-cultural relevance. So, this is a refreshing model. The Authentic’s build takes a bit of a flip treatment here.

The silhouette remains the same, representing an icon of skate shoe design. However, the construction is based on that of the SF Surf. As such, the main material here is comprised of water-based inks and glues. The textile upper is still relatively sturdy and comes with some flexibility as well.

The heel is collapsible, which makes this classic design much easier to store or pack away. For comfort’s sake, the features come with some punching power here as well: the sockliners are in a molded UltraCush design.

Rounding things off is a classic rubber outsole with the recognizable waffle pattern. The visual markers here include prints along the midsole. Lining this White section of the shoe, we see a declaration that many Vans followers are familiar with.

Vans continue to add small upgrades to their classic models. Thanks to a careful and considerate approach – making sure to keep from changing too much – it’s been a successful strategy.

The Potter’s Clay base hue comes together nicely with the Marshmallow White midsole. The added contrasts of Blue and Red come via the prints and add some more visual complexity. Fundamentally, this is a classic design that doesn’t really look like it’s meant to be the most comfortable.

However, additions such as the upgraded cushioning and UltraCush sockliners are good ways to counteract that. Vans continues to update some of their most classic models. Just like the Authentic, also the Old Skool or the Slip on have been upgraded with the latest footwear technologies.

The Authentic continues to be a visually and functionally versatile model and signals more of the same greatness from Vans in the near future. Available now, check out the Vans Salt Wash Authentic SF Potter’s Clay at Sneaker Politics.

Vans Authentic SF Salt Wash Potters Clay